Our tips to meet a Ladyboy during your stay in the Philippines

There are dream destinations to meet a Ladyboy. The Philippines is the country with the second largest transgender population after Thailand. The advantage of the Philippines is that it is much closer to our culture than Thailand is. It is also quite Europeanized and the people speak very good English!

On top of that, they are more cultured and have a better level of education than Thai women. No matter which big city you go to, you can meet pretty single Ladyboys.

How to meet Ladyboys in the Philippines?

The best way to meet a Ladyboy in the Philippines, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, is online. Most people in the closed world of transsexuals use this means of communication to meet people.

In the Philippines, people are hyper connected and rely more on chat platforms and social networks.

You can easily meet Ladyboys in the Philippines. We will make a list of the best places to visit a little further in this article. The two best cities to meet Ladyboys in the Philippines are Manila and Cebu.

Where to meet Ladyboys in the Philippines?

In bars

Ladyboy (or girl…) in the Philippines 

There are bars in Manila with 100% Ladyboys, whose names are very suggestive. On the other hand, there are none in Cebu.

In Manila, you can go to Mr Woman or Mixed Nuts. It’s the same concept as in Thailand. It’s quite easy to find a booty call after a chat over coffee. These two bars are obviously not the only ones. In fact, there are whole neighborhoods dedicated to this. In Manila, everything is concentrated around Burgos Street, an area devoted to sex and alcohol.

In Cebu, it’s the same. You can meet a lot of ladyboys around Mango Square. Generally speaking, they are freelancers. If you are on this side of the Philippines, you can go to several bars that are full of ladyboys. These include:

  • Navigator Club
  • Naughty Kah Restobar
  • The Host 78 Bar 
  • Club Juliana

These trendy bars are basically gay hangouts, but you can find a lot of ladyboys there too.

In nightclubs

The Liv Super Club! This is the best club to meet a Ladyboy in the Philippines. The club is located in Cebu. The advantage of meeting Ladyboys in a club is that you can dance with them and check their bodies before going to the next level.

A little further down the road, you will find the MO2 Restobar: another nightclub, which is a little bit quieter. In Manila, there are many nightclubs near Burgos Street.

In shopping malls

Ayala Mall, more specifically, Coffe Bo. This is a very popular place for Ladyboys. Yes, you can meet ladyboys in shopping malls in the Philippines.

Ayala Mall is obviously not the only place for this type of meeting. There are other shopping malls in Cebu, such as City Cebu and the Mer Shopping Mall.

The best place to find freelancers in Manila is Harrison Plaza Mall or Greenbelt 3 mall.

In the street

It’s very easy. In neighborhoods like Burgos Street or Mango Square, you can meet many ladyboys in front of almost every bar. Some bars, such as sports bars, do not allow them to enter. As a result, they stay on the sidewalk.

These are easy encounters, but not so good. This is where Ladyboys really want to sell you their sexual services and don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. Their commercial methods are sometimes a little aggressive and less glamorous. Besides, Ladyboys in the Philippines who work as freelancers on the street are generally less attractive.

Blind dates

There are specialized dating websites for those who are shy or don’t want to be seen with a Ladyboy. For example, the Pina Love website. This website allows its users to organize tailor-made meetings. You will be able to choose your dream Ladyboy from a catalogue and prepare a dream evening. It’s a kind of Tinder reserved to transsexuals!

There’s a good chance you will meet Ladyboys all over the Philippines. Many of them have a normal life with a regular job.